You can find the latest and complete list of my publications on this filtered arXiv link. Otherwise you can find a short list of some of my publications below:

Selected Publications

Dynamics of the superfluid to Mott-insulator transition in one dimension
SR Clark, D Jaksch
Physical Review A 70, 043612 (2004)

Extracting Quantum Work Statistics and Fluctuation Theorems by Single-Qubit Interferometry
R Dorner, SR Clark, L Heaney, R Fazio, J Goold, V Vedral
Physical Review Letters 110, 230601 (2013)

Density matrix renormalization group in the Heisenberg picture
MJ Hartmann, J Prior, SR Clark, MB Plenio
Physical Review Letters 102, 57202 (2010)

Quantum interference between charge excitation paths in a solid-state Mott insulator
S Wall, D Brida, SR Clark, HP Ehrke, D Jaksch, A Ardavan, S Bonora, H Uemura, Y Takahashi, T Hasegawa, H Okamoto, G Cerullo, A Cavalleri
Nature Physics 7, 114-118 (2010)

Efficient generation of graph states for quantum computation
SR Clark, C Moura Alves, D Jaksch
New Journal of Physics 7, 124 (2005)

Dark-state cooling of atoms by superfluid immersion
A Griessner, AJ Daley, SR Clark, D Jaksch, P Zoller
Physical Review Letters 97, 220403 (2006)

Quantifying the nonclassicality of operations
S Meznaric, SR Clark, A Datta
Physical Review Letters 110, 070502 (2013)

At the risk of being overly narcissistic I also include here my Google Scholar page, my Web of Knowledge ResearcherID page, my ResearchGate page, and my ORCID profile page, giving a full array of statistics and metrics we are supposed to care about these days.