If you found anything interesting on this site then here is a list of friends and collaborators which you might want to check out:

Collaborators and closely related research groups

    • Prof. Dieter Jaksch, Quantum Systems Engineering Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Andrea Cavelleri, Quantum Condensed Matter Dynamics Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Vlatko Vedral, Frontiers of Quantum Physics Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Simon Benjamin, Quantum and Nanotechnology Theory Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Martin Plenio, Controlled Quantum Dynamics Group, [Link]

    • Dr. Javier Prior, Quantum Many-body Systems Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Peter Zoller, Quantum Optics Theory Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Andrew Daley, Computational Non-linear and Quantum Optics Theory Group, [Link]

    • Dr. Jacob Biamonte, Quantum Complex Networks Group, [Link]

    • Dr. Michael Hartmann, Photonics and Quantum Sciences Group, [Link]

    • Prof. Sandu Popescu, Quantum Information and Computation Group, [Link]

Useful pages

    • Quantum Oxford - an overview of all the groups at Oxford doing quantum related work [Link]

    • University of Stuttgart unit converter - for when some chemist gives you frequencies in cm-1 [Link]

    • Detexify - a nice tool that finds latex symbol by you drawing them with your mouse [Link]

    • The "unofficial DMRG" page - an up-to-date list of just about every paper ever written on the topic [Link]

    • InterfaceLift - a massive database of freely available high-res backgrounds [Link]

    • My namesake - another Stephen Clark working on completely different things, although we have both worked at Keble College [Link]

    • Library genesis - very useful but not entirely legal database of book PDFs, Google it for yourself ...